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Cable Assemblies
Cable pluggable

Cable pluggable

Amphenol Commercial (Amphenol ICC)Amphenol Commercial (Amphenol ICC)
10119217-2050LF10119217-2050LFAmphenol FCIDescription:MIN-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG .5M
10123196-200L00410123196-200L004Amphenol FCIDescription:MINI-SAS HD AOC
10084749-N040006LF10084749-N040006LFAmphenol FCIDescription:MINISAS 4M 26AWG
10117946-4070LF10117946-4070LFAmphenol FCIDescription:500-2A2F-MINI-SAS HD CABLES
6A22-A0441-006.0-06A22-A0441-006.0-03MDescription:QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH LSZH OM2+ 6M
6A22-D0421-027.0-06A22-D0421-027.0-03MDescription:AOC QSFP-QSFP FDR 4CH OM2+ 27M
6A22-A0441-027.0-06A22-A0441-027.0-03MDescription:QSFP-QSFP QDR 4CH LSZH OM2+ 27M
6A11-A0141-005.0-06A11-A0141-005.0-03MDescription:AOC SFP+ 10G 1CH LSZH OM2+ 5M
Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyAffinity Medical Technologies - a Molex company
10034534511003453451Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyDescription:ZQSFP TO 4ZSFP 25G CBL ASSY 4.5M
07393910030739391003Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyDescription:HSSDCII FC CABLE ASSY - 2M
11102513071110251307Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyDescription:12X IB, 84CKT IPASS TO 3 QSFP SP
11104012041110401204Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyDescription:2M QSFP+ - QSFP+ PASSIVE CU CABL